Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The Effects Of Non Filtered Water On Home Piping

By Hermione Edwards

A lot has been written about the potential harm to the health of individuals as they drink water directly from the tap. Most people know that there are harmful chemicals and contaminants in this water that could damage their health. However, a lot of people do not realize the potential damage that can be caused by non-filtered water to pipes and others household fixtures and appliances.

Water coming directly from the tap without being treated or filtered is usually hard water. In many places around the world, water hardness can be as high as eighty percent. This means that there is high presence of magnesium and calcium in this water. These chemicals tend to damage the pipes and may cause many other problems.

Depositing of mineral deposits is similar to the problem of plaque that gets deposited in the blood vessels in the body. Plaque is the result of high levels of concentration of bad cholesterol. It gets accumulated on the walls of veins and arteries. If left untreated, the problem can aggravate and can even become fatal.

Water hardness and its effects can also be observed on the common home appliances, such as a steam iron or a coffee maker. When these are filled with tap water that has not been distilled or treated, residues of minerals can be left behind on these appliances and cause damage to them. These will not be able to function properly and may even get damaged permanently.

Larger appliances and fixtures can also get affected by hard water. These include dishwashers, water heaters, and washing machines. There can be a possible impairment of the functioning of these machines. Also, the flow of water might be reduced due to obstructed pipes that supply water to these machines. This might lead to poor functioning, increased operation time, or breakdown.

Water filters are most commonly used on counter tops or under the sink. However, this is very small scale water treatment. While it can be used to provide better quality drinking water or for making beverages, this will not solve the issue of plumbing problems that might be caused as a result of mineral deposit accumulation in pipes.

In order to treat all water in the household, commercial water filters can be used. All activities, such as cooking, dish washing, laundry, as well as drinking, can benefit from this system. Once the negative effects of high mineral content are removed, there can be proper flow with large scale water filtration.

The effects of non filtered water on home piping extend beyond the reduced quality of everyday chores and activities and the possible malfunction of appliances. Replacing pipes which become clogged with mineral deposits can be very expensive to do, along with being disruptive to the lifestyle of the occupants of the house. On the other hand, having a filtration system in place for the whole house can add to the resale value of the home by making it more attractive to potential buyers, who see such a systems as a desirable amenity.

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Monday, October 10, 2011

How To Find the Best Water Filters For Your Home Or Commercial Business

By Jennifer Snooki

Not all water is safe though purified hence there are different factors that are considered with regards to the question of how to find the best water filters for your home or commercial business. Water is used for various domestic consumption as well as business purposes but research has shown that purified water can be harmful to health as a result of various factors.

It is the responsibility of the local government authorities or municipalities to supply pure and healthy drinking water to domestic and commercial consumers. For the treatment of water, generally chlorine is used to protect it from harmful microbes. However, chlorine produces certain by-products that can be potentially harmful to the health, as shown by the recent health research reports.

The byproducts of chlorine are produced when this particular chemical reacts with the organic matter present in the water. These byproducts can get absorbed into the body as we drink it. It can also get ingested through the skin. Extended use of and exposure to purified water treated with chlorine gives rise to a number of skin problems, such as dermatitis and eczema, and also affects the body's internal system. It is, therefore, important to take preventive measures.

In many cases, chlorine is also held responsible for hardening of H2O. This may lead to undesired results of the use of water for various purposes. Constant passing of hardened water through pipes may cause scales to build up. This will lead to blockages in pipes. Another problem caused by hard water is that when it is used by an ordinary soap, there is no foam produced. Removal or dirty stains becomes difficult as a result.

According to several researches, it has been concluded that kiwipure ionizer is one of the best water filtration systems. There are several advantages of installing this system. One, it does not require any maintenance or electricity. Two, it softens the hard water and protects all galvanized pipes and other appliances from build-up of scales.

You can find the kiwipure ionizer in a four and five stage process system and UV sterilization. This can be ideal for the rural areas. Most people consider this as the best filtration system because it has a competitive price and requires no maintenance after it has been installed. Another advantage is that it is installed by a registered plumber, ensuring that there will be complete compliance of the laws stated by the local government.

This system is also advantageous in that it does not require any power in the form of electricity which lowers the costs that may be involved. This system can be installed anywhere near the house where there is a water supply and it does not require additional chemicals to filter the water.

Kiwipure water filtration system can be suited to any large or small commercial business system. It plays a crucial role in the filtration of water and removes all undesirable elements from it. It also softens the hard water and makes it more suitable for various purposes in domestic and industrial consumption.

There are also other best H2O filters that are recommended by many specialists and these are called Aqua pure water filters. These mainly play a big part in reversing osmosis filtration system such that chances of H2O hardening are lower. The best filters can be searched online since all the information related to this area is available on the internet.

Over and above, it can be noted that even purified H2O is not safe for human consumption as it may contain particles that can pose a danger to health. As research has shown, there are many elements that are taken into consideration in relation to the aspect of how to find the best water filters for your home or commercial business.

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